Monday, November 10, 2008

I Liked Stuart Little...until he came to live at my house...

I'm not overly fond of mice...except in the movies...when they wear cute outfits...and say cute things...and DON'T LIVE IN MY GARAGE.

My non-Screen Actors Guild visitor has been living in my garage for several weeks now. He also mistakes his new home for his new public restroom as well. I'm completely icked out by this. The compassionate part of me doesn't want to hurt him or her...I just want them gone. I've had several suggestions on what I need to do to get rid of it, none of which sounded appealing to me. So I went to Target and bought these little mouse 'hotels' that you can set. Surely if you buy mouse supplies at's not as disgusting. The handy dandy little mechanism I purchased, has a little entry point and when they curiously make their way inside, it traps them in there. I love's perfect. I don't have to see it once it's been captured. I just set it...and once it goes in, it all I have to do is dispose of it. I bought four of them and placed them in areas where I'd seen evidence of him...aka...nasty poop. Oh and did I mention that he'd found his way into my house? It ate a hole through my dog food bag...has been hanging out under the kitchen sink(but not bothering to do the dishes while it was there) and at one point was near the front door. After several weeks there have been no hits with the contraptions...even though it's still hanging out in the evidence of more poo. Oh that and the fact that I can hear it moving around and rearranging things on the shelves. Reluctantly, I progressed to the sticky traps. No such luck there. Instead, it just ate the edges off of it...snacking on its death trap, if you will. In the meantime, I had the guy that does work on my house try and find entry points for the little bugger. He pulled out the dishwasher and plugged up the area under the kitchen sink...and also in my hot water closet. He also plugged up areas in the garage that he thought were access points into the kitchen. I was also informed that the contraptions that I bought, probably were too small for it to crawl into. WHAT? So I have steroid mouse living with me???? The creature, that I have now named him, has been stuck in the garage all this time...until this weekend...when he found his way back under the kitchen sink. Ironically, my bug guy had been out last Thursday for his bi-monthly visits...and decided once and for all...that we just need to kill this Son of a Bitch (those were his words...not mine). Very reluctantly, I let him put out poison packets in the garage. I still just hate thinking about this thing suffering...but at the same time...I want him GONE. The packets were put down...and the next day...the packets had been moved...eaten So I just waited...and see him belly up. Has that happened? No...I think it's made him stronger. I think he's flipping me the bird at this point. After hearing him under the sink on Saturday...making all kinds of racket...I was freaking out. This thing WILL NOT DIE. At this point I'm thinking...oh it's on! I bought a packet of 4 smack 'em traps and put one under the sink and one out by my dryer (have I mentioned that I haven't been able to do laundry for about 2 weeks...'cause I seriously don't want to go out to my garage and have him mock me to my face?). I TRIED to put one next to my washing machine where his poopapalooza spot is. When I set it down...the think snapped and shot up in the air...scaring the crap out of me! So then I put the last one down...same thing happened. I had to resort to using a buttload of peanut butter on my last sticky trap. In the middle of the night, it was back under the sink...peeling itself off of the sticky trap that was previously under there. I hurried back to my room, because I didn't want to hear the loud snap. To make things more dog, on two different occasions, woke me up in the night barking hysterically from her bed on my bedroom floor. I thought...if that creature has made it's way into my house is so going up on the market. I was too wussy to check under the sink before I left for work today, but as I was backing out of the garage, the snapper trap by my dryer was still in place...with nothing attached. Sadly, I was kind of relieved. I really don't want to hurt the little thing...and I especially don't want to see it once it's met it's fate...but at the same time...I'm about to go Terminator on it's fuzzy butt!

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Stefunkc said...

I am so sorry you went through this but I'm totally cracking up! And thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one:) And I read the next one, glad you caught one...good luck with what might be others!