Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please Recycle...and break your neck

I've decided that recycling can be hazardous to your health. I had just taken my blue bin of cans and newspapers out to the curb and walked back into my garage, only to trip over a package of tile grout....you know for all the tiling I do myself...not. Luckily my car was still in the garage so I didn't have all this open area for me to free-fall, I just stumbled around a bit and kinda fell...yeah...kinda fell. So there ya go...I recycle for the earth and that's what happens. Earth day is this month. I think it needs to be renamed Jamie Hurt Herself Trying to Recycle Day.
p.s. This is the story that I had completely forgotten about due to Shlong Man. I finally remembered it when I stopped focusing so much on that traumatic event...or maybe I repressed it.

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mom uv 2 said...

oh my gosh...totally hee hawing :)