Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Having Issues...

For the past few days I've struck a bit 'o bad luck...and believe me, I am NOT asking what else could happen, because I sure don't want to know!

  1. Friday evening I get my haircut and my eyebrows/lip waxed. What I first believe to just be minor lip irritation from the ripping of the wax, is in fact...a burn. But luckily it's not completely across my, just the middle portion, so that I look like Hitler...if he'd gotten his lip waxed.
  2. Woke up at 12:30 Saturday morning with a burning in the pit of my stomach that just didn't feel quite right. Of course it didn't feel quite was the start of vomit city from a stomach virus that decided to set up camp in my system. So after barfing off and on from 2:00 am until 11:00 am on Saturday...I slept until 4:00 pm. I no longer felt nauseous or burny and was much relieved. But I also had a fever and was achy, to add to the festivities. Ate some crackers and drank some Sprite...first thing I'd had since 5:00 pm Friday evening. Phase Runny Butt sets in. I can handle's not barfing.
  3. Sunday morning feeling much better...had told my mom I was going to church with her because a) it's Mother's Day and b) new sermon series I wanted to hear. Go to church and have lunch with the family. Pizza. Yummo. I'm fine...who DOESN'T think pizza is a good idea after a stomach bug? Phase RB continues...and continues.
  4. Exhausted and dehydrated from continuing RB...can't go to work on Monday. Extreme grumpiness all day from calling in sick and being tired and still not feeling that great.
  5. Power goes out at 3:55 pm...while I'm watching Bones. No storms...sun is shining. Blip.
  6. Storms set power to see what said storms are doing...sirens go off continually. Still not knowing where storms are...or tornadoes for that matter. Uneasiness...but continue to sit by front living room window to see if I can weather map things from there. Also during this cell service to find out from family what's happening. Boogers. The one call that comes in during my no cell a recording from my mom's work, alerting me that there is a tornado warning. Apparently the sirens weren't the clue.
  7. Storms pass...still no comes to get me to take me to her house to hang out for awhile. Harness up the dog for a chance to potty before going into the house. Dog not actually completely harnessed in. Dog attempts escape. Dog's tail gets yanked in order to foil escape attempt. I have dog in my possession...losing my balance in capture success...fall onto sidewalk. Dog thinking that's what I get for yanking her tail. Hobble home with dog who now senses hostility.
  8. Bawl like a 5 year old.
  9. Return to work on Tuesday...tummy mostly better...knee/leg very swollen and round, looking like a world globe. Several continents represented in bruising pattern. My boss gets me into see one of our Orthopedic docs. Leg hair is stubbly and hair is growing rapidly the more she touches my legs. Humiliation overlapping from fall and leg stubble. Thankfully, nothing broken or torn. Wants to see me again when swelling has gone down and my legs are properly shaved.
  10. Sigh.

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Candylei said...

Hi: I saw your comment on the pioneer woman and I had to come and say hi. I knew you had to be a dog lover! I hope you are feeling the best ever real soon!